A Los Campesinos! Christmas

by Los Campesinos!

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All proceeds raised from this EP over Christmas 2016 will be donated to the Women's Aid Christmas Appeal.


released December 8, 2014

Produced by Tom
Recorded in Tom's house and at Musicbox Studios by Tom (with help from Sweet Baboo and Lewis Griffiths) apart from Track 3 recorded in Rob’s house by Rob
Mixed by John Goodmanson
Mastered by Mazen Murad at Metropolis.

All songs by Los Campesinos!, except ‘Lonely This Christmas’ written and originally performed by Mud.

Track 1 features Katy Rowe on violin.
Track 3 features Harriet Coleman on violin and backing vocals.
Track 4 features Tim Cronin on trumpet.



all rights reserved


Los Campesinos! Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: When Christmas Comes
When I go home I will walk via tinseltown, 
down LED avenues, jingle bells all around
Where they pluck all the stars from out the sky, 
and they hang them from rafters up on high 

I wished away the last year, it was the worst of times, 
audition for ass end of horse in village pantomime.
Just to hear your voice calling from the back
“it’s behind you!” oh yeh thank God for that

Christmas Eve, torrential rain
One single snowflake on this plain
I held you in gloved hands
and I’m not letting go 

New Year to November
It’s looming near, it lingers close
Into December,
when Christmas comes, what’s lurking goes

Saved hard all Winter to ensure your stocking’s full,
joined the choir, took myself door to door
making small change with all the carollers
every mention of His name changed to yours

A dream of you stood naked as Christmas tree, 
left unattended ’til second week of February.
In the morning, you’re lying next to me
Covered in gold, stole from nativity

Can you hear it?
Let the bells chime!
Lift your glasses high 
for the Boy Child!
Track Name: A Doe To A Deer
I came two weeks before Christ, 
not tender nor mild, from the womb I came a-wailing "silent night! ", 
but I'll give you something to believe in
You'll see three ships sailing in
I'm a frail evergreen, be a bauble hanging off of me, 
pine needles pricking at your bare feet

I'll be anything you want of me, carrot nosed encased in snow
An angel teetering atop a tree, vomiting from vertigo

If you'll be mine for Christmas:
a doe to a deer.
I'll be home for Christmas,
and home will be here.

I'm three sheets to the wind, 
but the wind is a sleet, and this sheet ain't one of snow to play beneath, 
and my nose is red, from the whisky
I'm Boxing Day game away
Shirtless cherubs on the terrace, singing hymns, praying the saviour scores today, 
and that he is one but not the only

If you're looking for me, follow any star
'cause I will be around, no matter where you are
I'm CCTV video late night on Christmas Eve, 
window shopping in full Santa suit, 
blind drunk on the high street
Never got a gift, gold, frankincense or myrrh
and never would've cared if you could just have her
I'm Christmas morning stumbling home up the cul-de-sac, 
flanked by kids upon new bikes, 
stabilising my walk back
Track Name: The Holly & The Ivy
Traditional, with original lyrics by Rob.

The Holly and the Ivy,
when both are full grown,
of all the trees in the wood,
the Holly bears the crown

O the rising of the sun
and the running of the deer
and the playing of the merry organ
Sweet singing of the choir.

The Holly bears a blossom
as white as lily flower
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,
to be our sweet Saviour.

The Holly bears a berry
as red as any blood
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,
to do poor sinners good.

The Holly bears a prickle
as sharp as any thorn.
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,
on Christmas Day this morn.

Last Christmas I drove home,
just my sister and me
200 miles from London,
to a small town by the sea.

The subtle trails of snowfall
swept round our rental van
And we drifted into morning,
as Christmas day began.

And the rising of the sun,
and the running of the deer.
Track Name: Kindle A Flame In Her Heart
“HARK!” the herald angels sing, “the boy’s a cherub, let him be”
And you harmonised more beautifully than they could
At 8 years old I played the role of Gabriel dressed head to toe,
in white denim though with less optimistic foresight

Your lips land lightly, like Robin Redbreast’s feet in the snow,
I hold you tightly like your halo’s lined with mistletoe
Thawing my heart like morning frost, falling under my feet
Oh silent night, oh lonely week

Merry Christmas
I wish you were here
Merry Christmas
Maybe 5, 10, 15, 20 years

Kindle a flame in her heart, kindle a flame
You’ve got to untie me from these bows,
wrap your arms around me like swaddling clothes

On the sixteenth day I opened up the window,
found a lump of coal and rammed it down my stupid, greedy throat
On the seventeenth you came around, my tiny teeth had been ground down,
but then you turned them back to smiles with just one kiss,
now listen to this…
Track Name: The Trains Don't Run (It's Christmas Day)
Before the ice gritters
and after the drunks
I tiptoe down the stairs
to fill the stockings up

Believe me when I say
“I wouldn’t have it any other way”
White snow, may turn to grey
But Christmas sky is blue, if us is me and you

Unwrapping your gifts
down a Motorola on pre-pay
Because the trains don’t run, 
not on Christmas day.

We sit in paper hats,
our stomachs gorged
We vow to get drunk
before we get bored