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Whole Damn Body

by Los Campesinos!

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Dayday Such a los campesinos!'s ep!
I remember the last time when I was still in university and all the fabulous and extraordinary moments given by Sick Scenes, by lc!. Those moments lit up my small world on a tiny bed, and I feel so lucky to still be able to taste this after my graduation, reminds me of so many awesome times and feelings. Love you people so much. Favorite track: She Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #4).
FrosnPls thumbnail
FrosnPls I think if I'd have known about this album earlier into my career as a professional LC! fanboy, I'd have declared it my favourite off the bat. Ya'll just can't miss. Favorite track: She Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #4).
Benjamin Morgan
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Benjamin Morgan They just can't miss! I've been listening to this collection of b-sides like an album. "Writing sleeper hits for all these weeping dipshits" a contender for best Gareth line of all time, which is stiff competition. Favorite track: She Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #4).
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I pushed your head down, flat onto the page I held the weapon, flat against your face I remembered the promise that I had made and turned the pen back onto myself So you can stick your words of comfort and you can take your well wishes too We’re singing “allez les blues” Cause they hold me closer than you would ever do Allez les blues I know your shape and I know your size You are the weight of the concrete boots that pulled me under the tide And now you're marching on to a different drum, leaving my body here without a beat A body drained of all feeling can be nothing but a piece of meat This lump in my throat is a knot that you tied with a flick of your tongue and a wink of your eye (I've been sitting sidesaddle on the devil's chair I've been muddying upholstery, he didn't care We’ve been clinking glasses right into the dead of night he burns a fire, keeps me warm and keeps my heart alight) You pushed my head down, flat onto the page You held the weapon, flat to my face You remembered the promise that you would break and now the black blood runs through my veins
Dumb Luck 03:03
Baby, oh my darling baby it hurts to see you cry, it'd hurt even more to see you happy Punished with an ugly face but yeah that's really ok, really ok, really though Cause I got dealt an ace and I'm a blessed guy, 'cause ace is high You got it, your dumb luck I'm cursing your dumb luck Sweetheart, oh my darling sweetheart, God came to me this morning, said: “you must repent, your final warning" Half hard, half asleep, oh it was no way ok, no way ok, no way though I refused to creep, I spat in her eye, sweet world goodbye Dumb luck runs like two stroke through four generations' gene pools Like your old folks came before you, they too never grew a pair of balls When the third world war comes it will not be fought on race We will line up here in two rows: betrayers versus betrayed (I don’t wanna die, though I have no reason why) The sky is grey the ground is cold, perverts gather in the shadows Others climb up to their rooftops as they take me to the gallows I drink myself blind drunk, I recall you in your lost youth You were half the height a hangman's noose and twice the alcoholic proof
Writing sleeper hits for all these weeping dip shits Turning tricks for cheap kicks where I can I turn ‘em with my whole damn body She told her friends she'd got with me, she lied it drunkenly I'm only angry ‘cause I wish she had I wish it with my whole damn body 50,000 cotton wool balls line your whole bedroom floor Soaked in black tears from your mascara, resemble piles of coal We'll stack them up high and lie by fireside, to the morning from the night Led on an ex-boyfriend's corpse I slit from gullet to balls and splayed his face to the floor She crows: "You want my happiness, but on your terms" And I know you're just a foot up out of the doldrums All the finger sucking, singer fucking girls are making me wake up in these cold sweats I sweat it from my whole damn body Swapping drinks tickets for all these indiscreet snippets of how it feels to truly be adored I feel it in my whole damn body Blue blood, red carpet burns and the white of your home counties skin Daddy's a patriot, enjoyed this summer a lot, but hide your jubilee knees Me, half hard, from what I dreamt pressed in the corner of your bed recollecting what we did Taxi cab to Travelodge he drops me off outside the lobby, lowers his wink like guillotine Invite in for coffee when the night ends We get Head like Nescafé gold blend Big tip for the pretty girl waiting the IHOP these blank napkins/unwritten suicide notes It's dark inside these eyelids, blacker than the ink (squid)
You asked if you could see me, before I went to Spain You didn’t give a reason, didn’t know what you would say but I was hoping that my breath on your face would blow every last thing into place The bed-spread decked in suns and moons and symbols of the star-signs How you read how mine applied to how I would be sex-wise and in my arms you disappeared and I seemed twice the size Slept and woke with lips together, sleeping felt like lies Girl, I helped you with your demons, but your ghosts are now haunting me too That “French bitch”, an ex-boyfriend threatening to tie his neck to the roof But if we tiptoe through the true bits we might make it to the other side What doesn’t kill you, leaves you wounded but I will nurse you better, alright I’ve been waking on your side of the bed as the sun’s been rising in the west If your skin feels softer I’ve no argument to make The weight of such apologies caused stronger men to ache If his kisses draw the bad out, I can’t have a complaint as they hit your tongue like sedatives while I lay wide awake You can feel a tremor in a single word, it rattles down your spinal chord You can catch a raincloud in an hourglass, but it will turn into a storm Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray, you keep the showers away
Four Seasons 03:23
When I come home it will be with, someone else's blood on my shirt, another county's dirt on the knees of my ripped jeans and I won't wanna talk about it What you prise from 'tween my fingers: that the devil speaks in Scottish brogue, a love life under two shadows But you don't wanna talk about it The bus stands still, the landscape scrolls right by Dual carriageway and landfill line both sides Something verdant, something blooming, something golden, something dead Cut into uneven quarters, all four seasons in my head And when I lay you down we'll be beneath duck feather duvet, new clean cotton sheets (I love you more than ever) As you bathe the stains from my skin only dirt is washed away, ‘cause all the bad lays far more deep Please, I don't wanna talk about it
Respite in twilight, space in the cavity wall at grandparents’ house behind the apple tree Where once you sang with your siblings now watching bodies bobbing down the stream leaving the town I'm a picture of no flesh only bones as we're stripping off my skin to run it up the pole and salute the breeze that ripples the sheath of the skeleton that's trembling on the ground beneath Walked your entire country up the central reservation Take me to the boneyard baby, take me to the boneyard baby The deadest stare, the slackest hair, the saddest conservation Take me to the boneyard baby, take me to the boneyard baby We rifle through piles of bones for something to chew on, for something to own Through my teenage years at my mother's house, every evening 6 times there comes a phone call to ask: "Where's my daughter gone?". She moved 6 years ago Now receiver's cold, the phonecalls dry, there's no one home And that is what we feared the most And so we stitch our eyes and mouths closed lest we open them, breaking the seal that our bodies have formed as a natural defence just to hold back the sorrow that friends made today will be deaths mourned tomorrow
We need a dog on a leash as a place to start I need a heart on a lease for you to rip apart A hand on skin that's so smooth like on blocks of ice Not saying you're cold, no baby it feels just right (light leaves) My Eyes like corks into bottles that overflow the wine cascades down my neck like a waterfall I'm like a dog on my knees as I lap you up You are the beauty and beast, I get all the luck (dark sees) And when I kiss your chest in the morning the simple things are the hardest to say How the most heartfelt declarations can seem like century old cliche A piece of paper, said "write nice words about me here" Well one hundred puppies would not have nothing on you they got nothing on me. (light leaves) I want you here as naked as a Christmas tree left up until the second week of February It's like my hand in your hair was just meant to be You are my angel now come sit atop of me (dark sees) When light leaves, the dark sees just what it's like to feel love, just what it's like to feel loved


Remastered 7" and standalone tracks from the 'Hello Sadness' era. Available digitally for the first time.


released May 7, 2021

All songs by Tom and Gareth, except tracks 5 and 6 by Neil, Tom and Gareth.
Arranged and performed by Los Campesinos!
Brass arrangement by Tom and Jherek Bischoff.

On these recordings, Los Campesinos! were Tom, Gareth, Neil, Kim, Jason, Ellen and Rob. With Harriet Coleman (vocals on Tracks 4, 5 and 7, violin on Tracks 5 and 7)

Additional instrumentation from:
Samantha Boshnack (trumpet and flugelhorn on Track 4)
Nelson Bell (trombone and tuba on Track 4)

Tracks 1, 2 and 4 produced, recorded and mixed by John Goodmanson.
Tracks 3 and 6 produced, recorded and mixed by John Goodmanson and Tom Bromley
Tracks 5 and 7 produced, recorded and mixed by Tom Bromley
Recorded at MusicLan Studios (Girona, Spain) and Tom and Rob’s House, Cardiff.
Assistant engineering at MusicLan by Jose Luis Molero
Mixed at ElectroKitty, (Seattle, USA), John's House (Seattle, USA) and Tom and Rob’s House, Cardiff.
Additional engineering at John’s House by Eric Corson.
Mastered by Simon Francis
Cover art by R N Taylor


all rights reserved


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